You Have 3 Seconds To React To An Attack...Do You Know What To Do?

Learn How To Survive Any Encounter With The Self-Defense Survival Guide!

No Experience Necessary - Anyone Can Learn!

This book on Survival Self-Defense is designed with one purpose - to help you survive a situation where you have no choice but to defend yourself in as simply and effectively as possible.

Refuse to become a victim or just another statistic!

For less than the cost of a single martial arts class or self-defense seminar you can learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones right now by learning self-defense with a combination of the book and online video companion.

  • Packed with over 200 photos, you will learn effective hand-to-hand combat self-defense survival techniques
  • Discover how to increase your awareness of both people and environments
  • View detailed images showing the targets and pressure points of the body
  • Become familiar with the different types of aggressors (Type I, II, III or IV)
  • Learn about the 4 different types of attacks you will face & specific self-defense techniques to use
  • A free 40 minute training video on "Developing the Warrior Mindset" is included with the book. This training normally sells for $49 by itself, but it is included FREE with your purchase. Click image for Preview.
  • Videos of the techniques in the book being performed is also included for you to review any time!

Whether you have been studying self defense for one week or one decade, you WILL learn something from this book! It's a must read.

Brian M.

Self-Defense Survival Guide

These techniques are simple, yet effective and allow anyone to gain confidence, reduce their stress and improve their overall quality of life knowing that they are able to deal with potentially violent or deadly attacks on the street.

They are not sport techniques; they are effective and not the sort of thing you will see in MMA or UFC matches because they have one very specific purpose - to enable you to survive when the unthinkable happens.

For A Limited Time You Will Receive
The Following Bonus Material

  • Top 12 Anti-Burglary Tips
  • Self-Defense Items For Everyday Carry
  • The 4 Types of Attacker
  • How To Survive A Riot
  • 50 Car Theft Prevention Tips

You cannot put a price on someone's life - therefore, you really cannot put a price on the information that can help you save one.  However, we have kept the cost as low as possible in an effort to help as many people as possible.

For just $27 you can have the information at your fingertips that may help save your life.

Any less, and you may question the effectiveness and quality of the content.  Any more, and you may not be able to afford it. Of course, your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If you don't feel you receive much more value than the price of the book, request a full refund any time within 2 full months of your purchase date, and keep the free video lessons and training!  Click the [Add To Cart] button and begin your training today. If you need more convincing, check out the Table of Contents link below.

For 20 years Master Pete has been teaching and training men, women and children how to defend themselves - now it's your turn!  Learn self-defense online with the book and this website - don't delay, and always stay safe!

Click to view Table of ContentsTake a peek inside the book...

In this book you will...

  • Increase Your Awareness

    Learning how to pay attention to the people around you as well as the physical environments you find yourself in on a daily basis can go a long way towards prevention.

  • Identify The Body's Weapons and Targets

    It is imperative to know what parts of your body can be used to block and strike with, and it is equally important to learn what vulnerable targets to hit on a person.

  • Receive Step-By-Step Instruction

    Packed with over 200 photos, this book provides detailed step-by-step instructions for how to block, escape, strike, trip and throw your attacker from a variety of positions.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

This book is absolutely chock full of information!  I have no prior self-defense or martial arts experience, and this book has really taught me a lot.  I have learned how to increase my awareness and also discovered many new weapons at my disposal that I didn't realize I had.  The book has also taught the proper way to strike and what targets to hit on an attacker.  The specific step-by-step instructions are coupled with high quality photos, and the video companion guide on this site is awesome!  Get the book - you will not be disappointed!

Tom M.

All I can say is "Mission Accomplished!"  After reading your book I feel like I learned some good techniques and am better prepared if someone tried to grab or attack me.  There was a lot more information than I was expecting!  Great job and thank you!  The videos really help put it all together!

Dolores C.

It is urgent and possible to learn how to defend ourselves in any situation, no matter how big or small we are. Canavan explains why we need to be aware of our surroundings and aware of threats in our community. He explains how we can use our hands, feet, elbows, and knees as lethal weapons. He shows us with photos.
Reading this gives us the permission to stand up for ourselves long enough so we can escape a bad situation. I've read books by security professional Gavin DeBecker about following one's intuition and being cognizant of our surroundings. Canavan briefly reviews the same important information, and gives practical advice that anyone can follow. I am so glad that I read this book. I think everyone should read it.